Ep 01: Bitachon Is An Obligation
Ep 02: Not Having Bitachon In Hashem — Being Fearful Instead — Is Itself The Cause Of Downfall
Ep 03: One Who Has Bitachon And Is Not Fearful Cannot Be Harmed
Ep 04: Fear Of Flesh And Blood Is The Result Of Forgetting Hashem
Ep 05: Don't Beg For Mercy From The Stick That Hit You
Ep 06: The Manna As A Symbol For All Time
Ep 07: When Striving Can Produce The Opposite Result
Ep 08:How Can One Rely On Striving For More Without Knowing If It Is For His Benefit?
Ep 09: Bitachon Must Be Established In The Heart, Not Something He Merely Says
Ep 10: One Who Relies On Flesh And Blood Is Includedin The Prophet’s Curse
Ep 11: Did You Wait In Hope For Salvation?
Ep 12: One Who Relies On Hashem Profits In This World And In The World To Come
Ep 13: The Obligation To Expend Effort Is Merely A Decreed Punishment — And A Means To Prevent Sin
Ep 14: Effort Is Futile — It Is, However, The Decree Of The King
Ep 15: Tzaddikim Merit Receiving All Their Needs With No Effort
Ep 16: When There Are No Natural Means For Effort To Succeed, There Is No Obligation To Expend Effort
Ep 17: Rely On Hashem Even When It Seems To Go Against The Laws Of Nature
Ep 18: Success Is Not Dependent Upon The Means Used To Succeed
Ep 19: The Inverse Relationship Between Relying On Hashem And Having To Toil For One’s Needs
Ep 20: Why Are There Few Obvious Miracles In Recent Generations?
Ep 21. Why Are There No Open Miracles? #2
Ep 22: Improper Effort #1
Ep 23: Improper Effort #2
Ep 25: Improper Effort #3
Ep 26: The Way For The Upright To Act In Times Of Difficulty
Ep 27: The Ideal Reliance On Hashem
Ep 28: Besides Having Fulfilled A Mitzvah, One Who Relies On Hashem Is Saved From Several Sins
Ep 29: Besides Having Fulfilled A Mitzvah, One Who Relies On Hashem Is Saved From Several Sins Pt. 2
Ep 30: The Choice Is Yours:Toil In Torah Or Toil In Mundane Matters

Additional Audio-Only English Lectures

1. Nothing to Fear

2. Turn the wheel

3. The Real Cause

4. You decide your destiny

5. Bitahon and Honesty

6. En Od Milevado

7. Examine your deeds

8. Surrender your will to Hashem

9. It's all good- BUT keep praying

10. Accept the Yoke!

11. Bitahon saves you from Sin

12. Bitahon and Psalm 91

13. A Letter Of Chizuk

14. The Upside Down Theory